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COMP Cams Rocker/Pushrod Kit; CB 1.7 7/1

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COMP Cams Rocker Arm Kits come with Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms and Magnum Pushrods in one convenient package. With this kit, there is no...
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COMP Cams Rocker/Pushrod Kit; CB 1.7 7/1

COMP Cams Rocker Arm Kits come with Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms and Magnum Pushrods in one convenient package. With this kit, there is no second guessing; you know all the parts match. Confidently install your new rocker arms and experience the difference. All components are also available as separate pieces.
This rocker arm and pushrod kit for Chevrolet 396-454 Big Block includes a set of our 1.7 ratio Ultra Pro Magnum rocker arms, our 8.280" long intake and 9.250" long exhaust Magnum pushrods.
RP-Kit includes Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms and Magnum Pushrods; 1.7 Ratio Rockers; For Big Block Chevrolet applications

Chevrolet Bel Air Base 1963
Chevrolet Bel Air Base 1966
Chevrolet Bel Air Base 1967
Chevrolet Bel Air Base 1968
Chevrolet Bel Air Base 1969
Chevrolet Blazer Base 1973
Chevrolet C10 Pickup Base 1970
Chevrolet C10 Pickup Base 1971
Chevrolet C10 Pickup Base 1972
Chevrolet C1500 454 SS 1990
Chevrolet C1500 454 SS 1991
Chevrolet C1500 454 SS 1992
Chevrolet C1500 454 SS 1993
Chevrolet C1500 Cheyenne 1990
Chevrolet C1500 Cheyenne 1991
Chevrolet C1500 Cheyenne 1992
Chevrolet C1500 Scottsdale 1990
Chevrolet C1500 Silverado 1990
Chevrolet C1500 Silverado 1991
Chevrolet C1500 Silverado 1992
Chevrolet C1500 WT 1990
Chevrolet C1500 WT 1991
Chevrolet C1500 WT 1992
Chevrolet Caprice Base 1970
Chevrolet Caprice Base 1971
Chevrolet Caprice Base 1972
Chevrolet Estate Base 1969
Chevrolet Impala Base 1970
Chevrolet Impala Base 1971
Chevrolet Impala Base 1972
Chevrolet K20 Pickup Base 1968
Chevrolet K20 Pickup Base 1969
Chevrolet K20 Suburban Base 1973
Chevrolet K5 Blazer Base 1976
Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne 1976
Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne 1977
Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne 1978
Chevrolet K5 Blazer Custom Deluxe 1977
Chevrolet K5 Blazer Custom Deluxe 1978
Chevrolet K5 Blazer Silverado 1978
Chevrolet Kingswood Base 1969
Chevrolet Kingswood Estate 1969
Chevrolet Nova Base 1969
Chevrolet Nova Base 1970
Chevrolet Nova Base 1971
Chevrolet R3500 Cheyenne 1989
Chevrolet R3500 Cheyenne 1990
Chevrolet R3500 Cheyenne 1991
Chevrolet R3500 Scottsdale 1989
Chevrolet R3500 Scottsdale 1990
Chevrolet R3500 Silverado 1989
Chevrolet R3500 Silverado 1990
Chevrolet R3500 Silverado 1991
Chevrolet Townsman Base 1969
GMC C15/C1500 Pickup Base 1968
GMC C15/C1500 Pickup Base 1969
GMC C15/C1500 Suburban Base 1973
GMC C15/C1500 Suburban Base 1974
GMC C25/C2500 Pickup Base 1973
GMC C25/C2500 Pickup Base 1974
GMC C25/C2500 Suburban Base 1974
GMC C35 Base 1975
GMC C35 Base 1976
GMC C35 Base 1977
GMC C35 Base 1978
GMC C35 High Sierra 1975
GMC C35 High Sierra 1976
GMC C35 High Sierra 1977
GMC C35 High Sierra 1978
GMC C35 Sierra Classic 1975
GMC C35 Sierra Classic 1976
GMC C35 Sierra Classic 1977
GMC C35 Sierra Classic 1978
GMC C35 Sierra Grande 1975
GMC C35 Sierra Grande 1976
GMC C35 Sierra Grande 1977
GMC C35 Sierra Grande 1978
GMC C35/C3500 Pickup Base 1973
GMC C35/C3500 Pickup Base 1974
GMC C3500 Base 1979
GMC C3500 Base 1980
GMC C3500 Base 1981
GMC C3500 Base 1982
GMC C3500 Base 1983
GMC C3500 Base 1984
GMC C3500 Base 1985
GMC C3500 Base 1986
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1979
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1980
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1981
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1982
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1983
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1984
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1985
GMC C3500 High Sierra 1986
GMC C3500 Sierra 1988
GMC C3500 Sierra 1989
GMC C3500 Sierra 1990
GMC C3500 Sierra 1991
GMC C3500 Sierra 1992
GMC C3500 Sierra 1993
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1979
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1980
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1981
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1982
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1983
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1984
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1985
GMC C3500 Sierra Classic 1986
GMC C3500 Sierra Grande 1979
GMC C3500 Sierra Grande 1980
GMC C3500 Sierra Grande 1981
GMC C3500 Sierra Grande 1982
GMC C3500 Sierra SL 1994
GMC C3500 Sierra SL 1995
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1988
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1989
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1990
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1991
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1992
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1993
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1994
GMC C3500 Sierra SLE 1995
GMC C3500 Sierra SLT 1994
GMC C3500 Sierra SLT 1995
GMC C3500 Sierra SLX 1988
GMC C3500 Sierra SLX 1989
GMC C3500 Sierra SLX 1990
GMC C3500 Sierra SLX 1991
GMC C3500 Sierra SLX 1992
GMC C3500 Sierra SLX 1993
GMC Jimmy Base 1973
GMC Jimmy Base 1974
GMC Jimmy Base 1976
GMC Jimmy High Sierra 1976
GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic 1976
GMC Jimmy Sierra Grande 1976
GMC K15/K1500 Pickup Base 1970
GMC K15/K1500 Pickup Base 1971
GMC K15/K1500 Pickup Base 1972
GMC K15/K1500 Suburban Base 1973
GMC K15/K1500 Suburban Base 1974
GMC K1500 Base 1979
GMC K1500 Base 1980
GMC K1500 High Sierra 1979
GMC K1500 High Sierra 1980
GMC K1500 Sierra Classic 1979
GMC K1500 Sierra Classic 1980
GMC K1500 Sierra Grande 1979
GMC K1500 Sierra Grande 1980
GMC K25/K2500 Suburban Base 1970
GMC K25/K2500 Suburban Base 1971
GMC K25/K2500 Suburban Base 1972
GMC K35/K3500 Pickup Base 1968
GMC K35/K3500 Pickup Base 1969
GMC P35/P3500 Van Base 1970
GMC P35/P3500 Van Base 1971
GMC P35/P3500 Van Base 1973
GMC P35/P3500 Van Base 1974
GMC P35/P3500 Van Motorhome 1974
GMC R2500 Suburban Base 1987
GMC R2500 Suburban Base 1988
GMC R2500 Suburban Base 1989
GMC R2500 Suburban Base 1990
GMC R2500 Suburban Base 1991
GMC R2500 Suburban High Sierra 1987
GMC R2500 Suburban Sierra Classic 1987
GMC R2500 Suburban Sierra Classic 1988
GMC R2500 Suburban Sierra Classic 1989
GMC R2500 Suburban SLE 1990

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