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Edelbrock Victor Jr Manifold AMC 70-91 Carbureted (Race Manifold)

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Designed for competition 351 Windsor Ford V8's from 1969 and later with the following heads: Edelbrock Performer RPM heads #60259, Victor Jr. heads #77169, Victor...
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Edelbrock Victor Jr Manifold AMC 70-91 Carbureted (Race Manifold)

Designed for competition 351 Windsor Ford V8's from 1969 and later with the following heads: Edelbrock Performer RPM heads #60259, Victor Jr. heads #77169, Victor heads #77219 or similar heads. Two versions available: #2980 fits SVO blocks with a 9.2" deck height and #2981 fits standard 351W blocks with a 9.5" deck height. Ideal for both oval track and drag racing engines operating between 3500 and 7500 rpm. Runners have a 2.70 square-inch cross sectional area. Carburetor Recommendations: Any size or type of carburetor class allows. Installation Notes: Recommended intake gasket: Edelbrock #7220 or Fel-Pro #1262. Manifold height: #2980 A-5.59", B-5.59"; #2981 A-5.75", B-5.75".
Victor Jr. Intake Manifold Designed for 1970-91 AMC 304-360-390-401 c.i.d. V8 engines in Carbureted applications.
AMC:Small-Block:304 (5.0L)/343 (5.6)/360 (5.9L)/390 (6.4)/401 (6.6L)

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